About us

Paridae, by definition, is a large family of passerine birds (suborder Oscines) consisting of the titmice, chickadees, and tits. Within the Paridae, Chickadees emerge as the gregarious host of this group, with qualities that are accommodating, unifying AND emphasize the importance of their natural congregation. Upon arrival at her current home in Princeton, Massachusetts, our founder immersed herself in nature and became increasingly interested in bird watching and study; becoming specifically intrigued by the story of the chickadee.  

Paridae Beauty has been promoting the unity of beauty since 2017 by providing all skin types with homemade body butters, scrubs, lip balm, oils and deodorant. Additionally, for an (enhanced /amplified /spa-line regimen), Paridae also provides professional products including cleansers, creams, masks, and exfoliants. Overall, Paridae specializes in meeting the needs of all skin including dry, dull and/or unbalanced, oily skin.

Our Mission: 

Dedicated to helping everyone feel their best—a company inspired by community, charity, and the promotion of self-care

Our Promise:

To create products focused on our customers that are founded on the principles of purity, inspired by nature, and delivered with love. Paridae is focused on helping all skin thrive to be their best in promotion of self care. 
Our Founder: Theresa Blanchard - Licensed Aesthetician and Instructor 
Paridae Beauty was established in Princeton, Massachusetts by its founder, Theresa, as she embraced the gift of and connection to nature.  Having lived in various states including Florida, California, Colorado, Georgia, and South Carolina, Theresa appreciates the beauty of all types of nature and its elements.  She also understood the importance of taking care of your skin in all types of climates and environments. Having personally struggled with hyper-hidrosis, acne and resulting unsightly blemishes, she began to study the benefits of the natural elements literally outside of her own home. As a result, she began to create natural butters and products to address her own skin care challenges and based on the fantastic results, decided to share with family and friends.  Their excitement and love for the products grew along with their demand and thus a natural congregation of skin care lovers was united. Theresa and her team are committed to fostering this unity in helping all skin types feel comfortable, confident and in control of their beauty!